March 5–8, 2014 - Atlanta, GA

Final Submission Instructions

NOTICE TO ALL ACCEPTED AUTHORS: Several activities must be performed to ensure that your work is correctly represented in the conference program and proceedings. Please read this entire page and follow all instructions carefully. Submissions that do not conform to the expected standards, specifications, and formats will be returned to the author for corrections and/or alterations. Submissions that fail to meet the expected standards, specifications, and formats by the deadline will not be published.

Database Information Verification

Verification deadline: Monday, October 28, 2013

  • Double-check the information about your submission that is recorded in the SIGCSE 2012 database. Some authors may make title changes based on reviewers' comments or instructions received from the Program Committee. Please make modifications to the final title and author list immediately in the online database. THIS MODIFICATION IS URGENT -- the information is needed to prepare the Online Program.

    To check and/or update your Title and Author(s) listing in the SIGCSE database, use your submission ID number and password assigned to your submission by accessing the author page for Submitting Materials and Updating Proposer Information and proceed to the section entitled Edit Submission.


    • Select among panel, paper, special session or workshop
    • Enter your submission ID and password
    • Click on the button for Verify / Update

ACM Author-Izer

ACM is introducing the ACM Author-Izer, a unique service that enables ACM authors to post links on either their own web page or institutional repository for visitors to download the definitive version of their articles from the ACM Digital Library at no charge. ACM Author-Izer also allows the dynamic display of download and citation statistics for each “authorized” article on the author’s personal page. By linking the author’s personal bibliography with the ACM Digital Library, downloads from the author’s site are captured in official ACM statistics, more accurately reflecting total usage. ACM Author-Izer also expands ACM’s reputation as an innovative “Green Path” publisher.

Preparation of Final Copy

  1. Verify Conformance to All Formatting Guidelines:

    SIGCSE Guidelines - Double-check that your submission adheres to the SIGCSE 2014 Format Instructions and includes all required sections (i.e., Abstract, Categories & Subject Descriptors, General Terms, and Keywords). These are the same guidelines published when you submitted your paper/panel/special session, so hopefully you should not have to make any significant modifications. We encourage authors to use the templates available on ACM's website. LaTeX users should use sig-alternate.cls for papers and sig-alt-release.cls for panels and special sessions.

    New ACM Reference guidelines.
    Elements (in most cases):

    1. Author(s)
    2. Year of publication
    3. Title of 'document' - use initial caps on keywords and end in period.
    4. Name of Site in italics if given, and followed by period.
    5. Date accessed - Use 'Retrieved' followed by date as Month, DD, YYYY followed by 'from'
    6. Address - Given as '{http|ftp|telnet}://path' and underlined.

    Note: a web address should never be given for a formally published document whose citation is complete or for which there is a DOI. Only give a web address for informal works or online-only works or resources that cannot otherwise be found by citation and/or DOI. Author Home page URLs or Institutional Repository URLs are not the way to cite formally published literature. If citing a formally published online-only publication, use the format for that genre and add elements 5 and 6 above.

    H. Thornburg. 2001. Introduction to Bayesian Statistics. Retrieved March 2, 2005 from
    Rafal Ablamowicz and Bertfried Fauser. 2007. CLIFFORD: a Maple 11 Package for Clifford Algebra Computations, version 11. Retrieved February 28, 2008 from
    Poker-Edge.Com. 2006. Stats and Analysis. Retrieved June 7, 2006 from

    Sheridan Publishing Guidelines - Your final submission must also conform to the formatting rules on the publisher's page.

  2. Insert copyright statement:

    All papers, panels, and special sessions submissions must have a copyright or permission release statement inserted in the lower left of the first column.

    Papers - The publisher's page publisher's web page for papers provides instructions on how to add the appropriate notice for papers.

    Panels & Special Sessions - The publisher's page publisher's web page for panels and special sessions provides instructions on how to add the appropriate notice for panels and special sessions.

Submission of Final Copy


Electronic Submissions Only!

THREE SUBMISSIONS ARE NECESSARY BY THE DEADLINE -- one to the online database maintained by SIGCSE and two to the publisher. You must also submit a signed copyright release form or permission form depending on the submission type. The instructions below will guide you in submitting the final copies to the online database and the publisher.

  1. Complete final editing and create a PDF file of your submission. Name your files correctly.

    Complete final preparation of your submission according to the instructions listed above, and then convert your paper into Adobe PDF format. Be sure to retain a copy of the source document, as well. Refer to our hints on creating PDF documents. Name all of your files using your SIGCSE submission number and the lead author's last name (e.g., fp309-turing.pdf, fp309-turing.doc, etc.).

  2. Submit the PDF file of your submission to the SIGCSE online database.

    Using the ID number and password assigned to your submission for review, submit the PDF file of the final copy to the SIGCSE online database by accessing the author page.

    This step is necessary because we make the submissions available on-line (via links from the on-line program) prior to the start of the conference and well before they will be available from the ACM Digital Library.

  3. Submit the PDF and original source file(s) of your submission to the publisher of the proceedings.

    The publisher is to receive (1) the PDF file and (2) a copy of the actual source file(s). The source file is needed to allow the publisher to extract text and data to produce the metadata for the ACM Digital Library.

    Submit two files (.doc and .pdf) if using Microsoft Word, or three files (.tex, .ps, and .pdf) if using LaTeX to the publisher using the instructions on the publisher's website instructions on the publisher's website. Note that the publisher's website will be activated for uploading final submission files by November 12. You should have received one or more "Submission Reminder" emails from the publisher (from Lisa Tolles) that include a customized link for easy submission of your paper. Your paper identification number is in the subject of this email. Use this number if requested when you enter the publisher's site, and also as the first part of your filename.

  4. After confirmation from the publisher, submit the signed ACM Copyright Form or Permission Form.

    For papers: After submitting your document on the publisher's website publisher's website, the publisher will send the contact author a confirmation message. After your paper has been processed, you will be emailed a link to an electronic ACM Copyright Form. Fill out and submit this form. Note that no links to the copyright forms have gone out yet; the electronic copyright form is still being set up.

    For panels and special sessions: After submitting your document on the publisher's website, the publisher will send the contact author a confirmation message with a link to an ACM Permission Form. Print the form, fill it out, and fax the form to the publisher. Fax instructions for panels and special sessions are available at the publisher's web page publisher's web page for panels and special sessions.

  5. Send email to the publications chair to indicate that you have completed all of the steps above.

    Send email to the Publications Chair, Dennis J. Bouvier , with the subject line "type IDnumber name", where

    • type is one of "paper", "panel", or "special session"
    • IDnumber is the assigned submission ID number
    • name is the last name of the contact author of the submission

    For example, the subject line "paper 309 Turing" indicates that contact author Turing has completed the submission procedures for a paper with the submission ID number 309.

    This email will inform the Publications Chair, Dennis J. Bouvier , that:

    • Your final copy has been updated in the SIGCSE online database
    • You have submitted both PDF and source file(s) to the publisher
    • You have faxed the signed copyright or permission form to the publisher


If you have questions, please contact:
Dennis J. Bouvier
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville